The course will take place at the Gonçalo Moniz Research Center, in Salvador, where there has been developed and conducted studies of molecular epidemiology during the last 15 years. A group of investigators that has been conducting these studies will organize and present the course. The secundary objective of this course, therefore, is to take advantage of this oportunity to establish the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Salvador as a reference center in Brazil for research and training in molecular epidemiology of the infectious diseases.

The theoretical classes will present basic concepts in molecular epidemiology with emphasis in practical epidemiological methods. The lab exercises will present methods that can be easily adapted by the majority of the labs capable of realizing PCR and simple electophoresis analysis of DNA fragments and plasmids. Besides the theoretical presentations, the participants of the course will receive a pack with material that ca be used to teach other professionals in their respective institutions. This pack include a CD containing a selection of reference publications in the area, a manual of protocols of the main typing methods based in PCR used in epidemiological studies and a complete collection of slides in Power Point of the presentations from the course, in portuguese and english (part of the material will be sent in advance for the candidates selected for the course).

At the end of the course it is expected that the lab researchers are able to understand the applications of the principles of molecular epidemiology for analysis of the data generated in the lab, and that the epidemiologists are able to better understand the power, appropriatedness and limitations of the tools of molecular biology in order to answer epidemiological questions. Therefore, this course is designed to break the traditional barriers that exist between lab researchers and epidemiologists. We believe that only through a colaboration effort, such as this, that the disciplin of molecular epidemiology can estabçish itself and be truly practiced.