Course Schedule                Course program (Click here to download)

Day 1, Sunday, 07/17/2016:

Pre-course 1:
Profs. Edson Moreira & Wildo Navegantes.

• Presentation and Installation of the program;
• Create questionnaires and databank;
• Data input and data control (Check);
• Basic commands of analysis and programming routine;
• Importing and exporting data;
• Migration of Epi-Info 6 to Epi-Info 3.3;
• Discussion.

Pre-course 2:

Profs.: Joice Pedreira, Ana Paula Menezes, Milena Soares e Soraia Cordeiro.

• PCR fingerprinting;
• Electrophoreses of pulse field (PFGE);
• Restriction of fragment of polymorphism (RFLP) and Spoligotyping.

Opening Ceremony

Day 2, Monday, 07/18/2016:
Dr. Edson Moreira, Dr. Art Reingold, Drª Joice Pedreira, Dr. Lee Riley e Dr. Guilherme Ribeiro
• Principles of Molecular Epidemiology;
• Definitions and differentiation between molecular epidemiology of taxonomy/phylogeny;
• Introduction to the basic concepts of epidemiology;
• Laboratorial and conventional methods used in epidemiologic studies;
• Investigation of outbreaks of diseases associated to food - practical/theoretical exercise involving the topics argued in the module above.

Day 3, Thusday, 07/19/2016:
Dr. Lee Riley, Dr. Albert Ko, Drª Joice Pedreira
• Investigation of outbreaks;
• Examples of molecular epidemiology applied to the study of tuberculosis - practical exercise;
• Identification of new virulence factors;
• Analysis of similarity and relationship between strains;
• Molecular Techniques used for studies of parasitic diseases;
• Distinction of pathovars through molecular methods - practical exercise.

Day 4, Wednesday, 07/20/2016:
Dr. Lee Riley, Dr. Albert Ko e Drª Joice Pedreira, Dr. Luis Alcantara
• Investigation of outbreaks and sporadic diseases;
• Salmonelosis x resistance to antimicrobials;
• Stratification of data and quantification of attributable risk;
• Analysis of de electrophoresis patterns;
• Epidemiological and outbreaks surveillance - practical exemples.

Day 5, Thursday, 07/21/2016:
Dr. Luis Alcantara, Dr. Ronald Blanton e Dr. Albert Scherifier
• Molecular boarding of main human viroses;
• Molecular boarding of main parasatisms;
• Application of molecular epidemiology in Leishmaniosis studies;
• Application of molecular epidemiology in schistosomiasis;
• Application of typing methods based on sequences - demonstrative practical exercise;
• Analyses of epidemiologic studies;
• Use of software in molecular epidemiology - practical exercise.

Day 6, Friday, 07/22/2016:
Dr. Lee Riley e Dra. Beatriz Moreira, Dra. Ianick Martins
• Application of molecular epidemiology to the study of Hospital Infections by Gram-positives;
• Application of molecular epidemiology to the study of Hospital Infections by Gram-negatives;
• Application of molecular epidemiology to the study of Hospital Infections by multidrug-resistant organisms.